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Me & the crazy bitch in me. :p

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Me & the crazy bitch in me. :p



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on being SMART.

We can’t dispute that we always think about grades in school (or any educational institution for that matter) whenever we talk about someone who is smart. 

We have that standard questions like “Honor student ba sya?”, “Mataas grades niya sa school?” and the list goes on and on. But I really wanted to think if that is really the basis to be tagged as someone that is… “SMART”.

Dont get me wrong.. prolly you guys will think that I’m bitter about all this “grades stuff” or maybe I have a vendetta on all my teachers or professors who have flunk me during the time I was in school. 

Well, honestly I don’t or I am not.  Modestly aside, I’ve been an honor student since kindergarten, Dean’s lister for 4 consecutive semesters in the University, top 10 in our graduating batch in College which earns me a bronze medal,  not to mention that I’ve joined numerous activities in school and yeah winning some too.. Moreover, I became an officer in the Student council and at the same time I was a News Editor in our school paper. I can proudly say that, I’ve made my parents proud.

Now that you know those craps about me will you include me to the level of those people who are “SMART”? After all, I’ve proven myself in the academic arena right? Maybe..just maybe, some of you will say “YES!”but if you’ll ask me… I’ll say “HELL NO!”. 

With all the honesty and candidness that I have, I can say that writing those things here didn’t even gratify me. I didn’t wrote it down because it makes me feel superior.. above average or whatever sh*t you can come up with. It’s all just a matter of fact but beyond that… nothing else.

On my end, I am not one of those people who based their qualifications of someone who is “SMART” on the level of achievements that person got in school. I am a hypocrite if I wouldn’t admit that before I didn’t aim to be always on top of class because it made me feel special. Of course, I did… who wouldn’t? But now that I’ve seen enough of the world to write this essay.. I can honestly say, it’s not a major factor.

People, I think, should be able to transcend those good grades in real life. Reality doesn’t stop from the universities or schools. Grades were just probably… stepping stones to the real world. 

We got to admit, the sun shines to everyone regardless if you’re an F student. Right? 

If you’ll ask me, a SMART person is someone who was able to make his/her life better plus the people surrounding him/her due to his/her hard work, patience and diligence. 

Damn it but I’ve seen people getting good grades in school then flunking on the real test called “LIFE”. That’s why I pity people bragging about what they achieve in school when I could very well see the real score in their lives. 

Now, now.. I didn’t say that getting good grades is not important. It is.. but it’s not the BE-ALL-AND-END-ALL of life. It shouldn’t stop there. It should progress and should make your life better because what good will it make you if all you have is the memory of those high moments? Can grades buy you food, good dresses? Will it earn you respect? Definitely NO… not unless you make good and productive use of it.

As a closing piece, some may be mentally intellectual but not SMART, some may have a high IQ but not SMART. And being SMART doesn’t mean good grades in school. If you were able to make your life better after school, if you were able to make your parents’ life better after school, if you were able to help your family and relatives after school and at the same time you are improving your own life… then I myself can tell you ‘“HELL YEAH, YOU ARE SMART!”.

-Anne Dionisio

Any comments are well accepted.

I’m just pretty much contented on how we’ve become right now. There are still some bad days but we’ve managed to get through with it. It’s less heavy, less stressful. I love it whenever you will kiss me, hug me, hold my hand and tell me how you loved me. I live for those moments and probably.. the future is going to be brighter. :)

True that.

True that.

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"Patience" by Lang Leav. A well written and a really lovely prose! :) ❤📝✏✒😊 #LangLeav #prose #Patience #Love #LoveAndMisadventure

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"Patience" by Lang Leav. A well written and a really lovely prose! :) ❤📝✏✒😊
#LangLeav #prose #Patience #Love #LoveAndMisadventure

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Do you ever just want to kiss someone so bad that you just cant focus on anything but how their lips might feel moving against yours and how great it would be to hold them close and cover their face in little bitty kisses until you two are both giggling messes

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Some guy posted this on his wall and I was like.. "wow, there must be some hope for all our male counterparts, afterall!" :))

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Some guy posted this on his wall and I was like..
"wow, there must be some hope for all our male counterparts, afterall!" :))

I love it when we talk together, share the whole day together, laugh on some jokes..on some movie lines that we watched. My point is, I’m happy when I’m spending time with you.

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Atleast here I can be totally honest about my feelings, my life, my emotions, my thoughts, my pains, my weakness, my doubts and my fears which I couldn’t really tell you…because it’s either you listen and try just a little or you don’t listen at all. 

OMG! This gives me the goosebump! I love this version of 21 guns!!!

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Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in God. :)


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Dear you,

I always cherished the time I spent with you. Especially those times when it’s just you and me. Busy days are up ahead of us and we rarely have time together. I don’t regret the normal days but I love it more when I’m just with you. It has been some time but my feelings and affection still is the same. I miss you every single day, i miss those times when we just have no worries, as if time is ours. I missed those times when we don’t have to hurry in sleeping because we gotta wake up early the next day. I love talking to you no matter how I control my emotions.. my longingness. I crave for your warmth eventhough you don’t like it. I’ve never loved someone like this and sometimes I’m scared too.. I don’t want to be in this vulnerable position so I wanna run away at times. :((



You know exactly what to do, so that I can’t stay mad at you for too long, that’s wrong. Said it’s not fair how you take advantage of the fact that I… love you beyond the reason why and it just ain’t right.